NIX Solutions: European Commission Exempts Apple’s iMessage from DMA Obligations

The European Commission recently declared that Apple’s iMessage, despite being a significant platform, will not fall under the category of “essential platform service” according to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This determination relieves iMessage from stringent obligations, such as ensuring compatibility with other messaging services. The commission’s decision also extends to Microsoft Edge, Bing search engine, and the advertising business, as they were not classified as core platform services.

NIX Solutions

EU Press Release on Gatekeeper Definition

Following a comprehensive five-month investigation and thorough consideration of arguments and stakeholder input, the European Commission concluded that iMessage, along with Microsoft’s Bing, Edge, and Advertising, does not meet the gatekeeper definition. This announcement aligns with the decision made after the publication of a list of 22 regulated services in September, identifying Apple’s app store, Safari browser, and iOS operating system as core services.

Meta’s Approach to DMA Compliance

In contrast, Meta has categorized WhatsApp and Messenger as core platform services under DMA, actively working on their compatibility with third-party services, notes NIX Solutions. Meta’s approach involves user opt-in for receiving messages from external apps, emphasizing a separate inbox for such communications. Businesses interacting with WhatsApp must adhere to Meta’s terms by signing an agreement.