NIX Solutions: Facebook is Testing Hotline Q&A App

The experimental NPE Team, part of Facebook, has launched a new Hotline application in beta testing, a kind of Q&A service, reports SearchEngines.

The application allows you to conduct live broadcasts, during which users can send questions to the presenter in text or audio format. In this case, the presenter can communicate not only by voice, but also turn on the camera. Experts describe the app’s functionality as a mixture of Instagram Live and Clubhouse.

The application screen is divided into several parts: the panel with the presenter is located at the top of the screen in the application or on the left of the site – it displays an icon with an avatar. Below or on the right is a panel with meeting listeners.

During the testing phase, you can log into the application through your Twitter account, and then confirm the profile via SMS. Also in the application, the listeners will be divided into those who can ask questions and those who are just listening.

The app also provides a list of questions that users have asked, others can vote for or against them. The presenter can answer questions and connect users who asked them to the broadcast.

NIX Solutions notes that in April 2020, the NPE Team presented the general public with a messenger for lovers – Tuned. Features of the messenger are a private news feed designed in the style of a diary, integration with the Spotify service so that you can share music, the ability to send photos, notes, voice recordings, as well as sets of stickers and reactions.