NIXsolutions: Google Maps Tests Streamlined Interface with Rounded Corners

Google is currently in the testing phase of a redesigned interface for its Maps application, aiming to enhance user interaction by streamlining the information content. The initial screenshots of the updated version have surfaced online, showcasing notable changes.

NIX Solutions

Redesigned Location Window:

The location selection window has undergone a transformation, featuring rounded corners and a more compact display when expanded. Notably, the “Share” and “Close” on-screen buttons have also received a makeover.

Enhanced Route Information:

The starting and ending points of a route are now presented in a floating field, providing a more dynamic appearance compared to being fixed at the top of the screen. The mode selection buttons (car, walking, etc.) have been relocated to the bottom panel for convenient access, displaying estimated arrival times for each option. The expanded bottom card, while no longer occupying the entire screen, continues to present turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic information.

Map Recoloring and Testing Stage:

In addition to the interface changes, Google has introduced subtle alterations in the color tones of the maps. The new design is currently undergoing testing, and the official rollout date for all users remains undisclosed, notes NIXsolutions.

The revamped Google Maps interface promises a more user-friendly experience, optimizing key features while maintaining familiarity. Stay tuned for updates as the testing phase progresses.