NIXsolutions: Google Maps Upgrade – Easy Route Viewing for Enhanced Navigation

Google has recently introduced a valuable feature to enhance its mapping service, as reported by 9to5Google. The new addition is the “Easy Route Viewing” setting, aimed at providing users with improved navigation functionality.

NIX Solutions

Staying Connected with Locked Screens

This innovative feature enables users to stay connected with the navigator even when their smartphone screen is locked. Notifications are designed to operate differently on various operating systems. For iOS users, emergency push notifications are utilized, while Android users receive system notifications. It’s worth noting that the “Activity Live” feature is not yet available on iPhones.

Real-time Updates and Notifications

Users can expect notifications for various scenarios, including the emergence of a more convenient and faster route and changes in direction. This real-time update functionality aims to make the navigation experience more seamless and user-friendly. To access this option, users need to update their Google Maps application to version 11.116 on Android or 6.104.2 on iOS. If the feature doesn’t immediately appear, users are advised to patiently wait for its availability, adds NIXsolutions.

In summary, Google Maps users can now enjoy an enhanced navigation experience with the introduction of the “Easy Route Viewing” setting, providing real-time updates and notifications for improved convenience.