NIX Solutions: Google Play Tests Organic Search Feature

The Google Play app store now has ad-supported search suggestions. This is reported by the experts of the publication 9to5google, who noticed the update.

NIX Solutions

Usually, a user, having decided to use the store search, sees their last four queries in the tips. However, in the search field of the Play Store app version 33.0.17-21, the user had three apps with icons in tooltips that they had not previously interacted with.

When asked by the publication, Google Play said that this is an “organic discovery feature”, and the applications that appear there have “major updates, current events or offers that may be of interest to the user.”

“This is not paid advertising. We are testing this feature to help Google Play users find more interesting and useful content and support our developer ecosystem,” Google said.

NIX Solutions reminds that at the end of September, Google Play updated its main page. There appeared a new search filter, sections for specific types of devices and the ability to remotely install applications.