NIXSolutions: HUAWEI Unveils HarmonyOS NEXT

HUAWEI recently conducted a press conference, shedding light on its innovative mobile operating system, HarmonyOS NEXT. Developed on an in-house kernel, this OS distinguishes itself by not supporting Android applications. The company emphasizes its uniqueness, positioning it as a “spatial immersive OS with vibrant colors” based on the Hongmeng core.

Key Features and Development Tools

HarmonyOS NEXT incorporates advanced technologies such as the Pangu AI model, DevEco Studio integrated development environment, ArkUI, ArkUI-X programming environments, Ark compiler, ArkTS, Cangjie programming languages, and EROFS and HMDFS file systems. The use of these tools contributes to the distinctive qualities of the OS.

Independence from Android: A Bold Move

HUAWEI asserts that HarmonyOS NEXT is a completely independent solution, steering clear of AOSP distributions and lacking support for APK files. Despite this departure from the Android ecosystem, a growing number of Chinese developers are porting their applications to the platform, with over 200 applications already available.

Beta Testing and Distribution Plans

Beta versions of the HarmonyOS NEXT are ready, and they are set to arrive on the first smartphones soon, adds NIXSolutions. Beta testers can experience the new firmware on HUAWEI Mate 60, Mate 60 Pro, and Mate X5 smartphones. However, it’s important to note that HarmonyOS NEXT will only be distributed in China, while international versions of HUAWEI smartphones will continue to support Android applications.