Instagram to Ask for Date of Birth to Use Service Normally

Now Instagram will persistently ask you to enter the date of birth, if this is not indicated in the profile, says AIN.

A pop-up window appears when you open the application – if you ignore it, then Instagram will disable some of the posts that are marked as “sensitive content”: to view it, you still need to enter your date of birth.


The need to indicate the date of birth appeared only in 2019, earlier accounts could have avoided this, notes NIXSolutions. Now Instagram wants to know when everyone’s birthday is.

The company says that in this way they want to create a safe environment for children and prevent them from consuming sensitive content. For example, users under the age of 21 will not see alcohol ads.

The company noted that in the future they will use AI technologies to determine the exact age in order to calculate liars. This technology has already been announced on Facebook.

Thus, very soon your Instagram will be persistently asked to indicate the date of birth. If you do not want to share personal information, then you will not be able to fully use the application.