NIX Solutions: iOS 17 Keyboard Update

iOS 17 Keyboard: Enhanced Autocorrect and Exciting Features

Autocorrect Personalization

In iOS 17, the keyboard’s autocorrect feature benefits from a new “transformer language model” that tailors suggestions to individual users. This personalized autocorrect remembers your preferences, resulting in better word recommendations while being less aggressive with acronyms, slang, and abbreviations. While there might still be occasional bugs, the overall performance surpasses iOS 16.

NIX Solutions

Quick Word Insertion

Experience faster typing with iOS 17’s autocomplete words. The keyboard now presents word suggestions as you type, easily inserted by tapping the space bar. These suggestions adapt over time, learning from your preferences and making typing even more efficient.

Enhanced Bug Fixing and Grammar Suggestions

iOS 17 introduces improved bug fixing capabilities. After typing a sentence, the keyboard highlights any detected errors, providing suggested corrections with just a tap. Common grammatical errors are promptly recognized and fixed, further enhancing the typing experience compared to iOS 16.

Upgraded Dictation and Unified Emoji Stickers

Dictation gets a boost in iOS 17, utilizing the same language module as text to better understand multiple word options. While it may not be perfect yet, this feature is expected to improve over time. Additionally, the keyboard now combines emoji and stickers, offering a unified experience, notes NIX Solutions. In the Messages app, emoji can be utilized as stickers and placed anywhere, allowing for more creative expression.