NIXsolutions: iOS 15 to Ask for Enabling Contextual Advertising

Previously, contextual advertising on iOS was enabled by default. In iOS 15, it’s up to you to decide whether to enable it or not. The changes you make will apply to all of your devices. Apple uses a variety of information, including your App Store search history, to show you contextual ads across apps. The data is also used to target ads on the App Store, says NIXsolutions.

Now Apple’s contextual advertising is turned on by default,

NIXsolutionsand few people change these settings. In addition, these settings are difficult to find.

After Apple introduced anti-tracking features in iOS 14, the company received a flurry of criticism. Tracking notifications only appeared in third-party apps, not Apple apps. Perhaps because of this, the changes were introduced in iOS 15.

Apple has also added a link to PPC information. Both notifications appear when the App Store starts. The anti-tracking features only concern third-party applications, but in iOS 15, users will be able to manage tracking in standard applications.