NIXsolutions: January’s Dating App Records Unveiled

January witnessed a surge in mobile dating app downloads and spending. This year’s statistics, analyzed by Intelligence, reveal unprecedented growth in the US and beyond.

Love is unmistakably on the mind

A staggering $505 million globally was spent on dating apps in January, marking the highest monthly total in the category’s history—a 6.6% increase from the previous quarter’s monthly average. The year-on-year growth stands at 8%, though it falls short of the 17% surge witnessed between January 2022 and January 2023.

NIX Solutions

Remarkably, the dating subgenre outperformed all non-gaming subgenres, ranking second only to over-the-top (OTT) streaming apps in global consumer spending for 2023.

Year-over-Year Growth and App Allegiance

Dating app downloads mirrored this upward trajectory, surpassing all previous January records in 2024 with a 1.9% increase year-over-year, totaling 128 million. This surge in activity signals promise for app publishers, especially as consumers use the new year to embrace changes, including re-entering the dating scene post-holidays.

Analysis also revealed that the top three US dating apps—Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge—have maintained their market share since January 2023. Despite the competitive landscape, these apps remain steadfast, with Tinder leading at 29.3%, followed by Bumble at 14.3%, and Hinge at 9.5%.

In the fiercely competitive US market, 28 dating apps generated over $1 million in consumer spending in January 2024 alone, notes NIX Solutions. While Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge stand strong, Grindr experienced the most significant year-over-year increase, rising from 4.2% in January 2023 to 5.6% last month.

Evolving Dynamics with Consistent Engagement

Despite some fluctuations in engagement for leading dating apps, notably in the US market, the positive download numbers and associated growth underscore a dynamic landscape. Dating app publishers actively foster brand loyalty through innovative features and even explore ventures into fashion with their clothing lines.