NIX Solutions: Largest App Developers did not Introduce Payments Bypassing App Store

Apple recently introduced a new system of external payments for applications in the App Store, intending to address developers’ concerns about high commissions. However, as revealed during court hearings on the Epic Games lawsuit, major developers have not embraced this change, as reported by Bloomberg.

NIX Solutions

The main deterrent appears to be the persistently high fees imposed by Apple. Despite the new system, developers still face a hefty 27% revenue cut, along with additional processing fees, resulting in even higher costs than the previous 30% commission charged by the App Store.

Judicial Criticism

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, overseeing the Apple-Epic litigation, expressed sharp criticism of Apple’s approach. She highlighted Apple’s failure to fulfill promises of reform, suggesting that the company’s decision-making is driven more by maintaining revenue streams than addressing developers’ concerns.

Lack of Adoption Among Major Developers

Of the 65,000 app developers with in-app purchases, only a mere 38 have transitioned to the new external payment system. Notably, none of these developers are considered major players in the industry, further underscoring the reluctance of prominent developers to embrace the change.

Ongoing Litigation

Epic representatives argue that the January changes do little to alter the fundamental policies of the App Store. Additionally, Apple’s legal team struggled to provide evidence of how the new system would benefit users, casting doubt on the company’s decision-making processes.

As the legal proceedings continue, Apple is likely to face further criticism and scrutiny over its App Store policies, notes NIX Solutions. Stay updated as we monitor developments in the ongoing Apple-Epic litigation.

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