NIX Solutions: Microsoft Defender Is Out On Android and iOS

Microsoft has released its Defender security app for macOS, iOS, and Android. On Windows, it was available before. It is reported to be a cross-platform solution. However, the functionality depends on the specific OS.

NIX Solutions, Microsoft Defender

The application functions as a simplified toolbar that connects to existing antivirus software or implements additional protection, says ITC.

For example, on Android, the program will include anti-virus protection and memory scanning for malicious applications. Links will also be checked to avoid phishing. On iOS and iPadOS, there will be fewer opportunities – only checking links, anti-virus scanning is not carried out there.

Windows Defender performs dashboard tasks and complements the built-in antivirus solution. On the same panel, you can view data from other antiviruses – Norton, McAfee, and so on.

NIX Solutions adds that more features are expected to come in the future. That being said, Microsoft Defender features are available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers starting yesterday, June 16th.