NIX Solutions: New Features in RCS Protocol

The GSMA Association (GSMA), the organization responsible for the development and support of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol, has presented an updated edition of the messaging standard. It received support for reacting to messages, editing sent messages, as well as the function of sending spam complaints. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

NIX Solutions

Universal Profile 2.7 Revision

The Universal Profile 2.7 revision was completed in June and published in July. Until now, the standard messaging apps on Google Android and Apple iOS had to convert reactions in SMS conversations into emojis. With this feature becoming standard, the need for this tool disappears. Reactions can be either emoticons from the standard system set or stickers that are generated by third-party services, including Live Sticker, Genmoji, or Photomoji. In this case, the user reaction passes as a message with a file transfer and an extended header.

New Features and Complaint Mechanism

Another innovation of RCS is the ability to edit and delete a message after it has been sent. Users also now have the ability to complain about spam, fraud, sending inappropriate content, or any inappropriate behavior by another user. The corresponding complaint is sent by the RCS client to the server that processes the messages. The service provider undertakes to process such complaints and take unilateral action to block users who commit unacceptable actions, notes NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated as the RCS protocol continues to evolve, providing enhanced messaging experiences across platforms.