NIXSolutions: Nokia Bell Labs Introduces Natural-Language Networks for Simplified Network Contro

Nokia Bell Labs has unveiled its groundbreaking Natural-Language Networks technology, which allows networks to be controlled through simple speech or text commands. This innovation empowers networks to understand users’ intentions and take autonomous actions accordingly.


Simplified Network Management

Natural-Language Networks simplifies network management, making it more responsive to end users’ needs. Leveraging AI, service providers can deliver and maintain the ideal network configuration for any customer on demand.

Continuous Improvement

This technology continuously enhances itself, learning from its operations and optimizing the network with each subsequent request. As it accumulates knowledge, it anticipates service and application requirements, autonomously adapting to them without human intervention.

Streamlined Network Setup

Csaba Vulkan, head of network automation research at Nokia Bell Labs, emphasized that operators no longer need to delve into technical catalogs or complex API descriptions. A simple command like “Optimize network in location X for service Y” is sufficient. Voice control can optimize wireless networks for various applications, from factory automation to social network data flow coordination, notes NIX Solutions.

UNEXT Initiative

Natural-Language Networks is a component of Nokia Bell Labs’ UNEXT research initiative, dedicated to transforming networking software and systems. UNEXT aims to turn the network itself into an operating system, simplifying secure component integration.