NIXsolutions: Signal is Suspected of Working for US Government

The encrypted messaging service Signal boasts an impressive user base of over 100 million individuals concerned about communication confidentiality. However, scrutiny arises regarding its reliability, particularly concerning the Signal Foundation’s chairperson, Katherine Maher, as highlighted by City Journal.


Foundation and Funding:

Signal operates under the stewardship of the non-profit Signal Foundation, initially funded by a $3 million grant from the US-controlled Open Technology Fund (OTF). OTF, originating from Radio Free Asia’s anti-communist agenda during the Cold War, aimed to support “encrypted mobile communication tools […] to the defenders of a free internet around the world.”

Potential Government Influence:

Concerns persist about the OTF’s potential ties to American intelligence, leading to speculation regarding US government intervention in Signal’s operations, adds NIXsolutions. This scrutiny is fueled by the evolving resemblance of OTF to a State Department initiative, utilizing open internet projects for US foreign policy objectives.

Leadership Controversies:

Further scrutiny falls upon Signal Foundation’s Chair, Katherine Maher, known for her involvement in regime change operations, notably during the Arab Spring. Her past roles in digital communications initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa raise questions about her influence on Signal’s agenda.

Recent Developments:

Meredith Whittaker’s assumption of the Signal Foundation presidency in 2022, alongside Mar’s appointment as board chair due to their OTF affiliations, adds another layer of complexity. Whittaker’s history, including instigating a walkout at Google in 2018, further complicates perceptions of Signal’s leadership.

As Signal continues to navigate these intricacies, we’ll keep you updated on any developments that may impact its users’ trust and confidence in the platform.