NIX Solutions: Telegram Has 450M Daily and 900M Monthly Users

Pavel Durov reiterated today that the Telegram messenger has now reached a staggering 900 million monthly users, with half of them actively engaging on a daily basis. Backed by DataAI data, Telegram ranks sixth globally in both downloads and usage.

NIX Solutions

Financial Milestones and Growth Prospects

Durov highlighted a significant milestone for Telegram in the first quarter of 2024: positive cash flow. This development marks a promising trajectory towards profitability by the year’s end, underscoring Telegram’s commitment to prioritizing user satisfaction and independence, notes NIX Solutions. “This reinforces our commitment to user-centric principles,” Durov remarked.

Reflecting on Telegram’s Vision

Reflecting on Telegram’s journey since its inception 12 years ago, Durov expressed gratitude for users’ trust and reaffirmed Telegram’s belief in empowering individuals. “We’ve always championed user freedom and quality over outdated alternatives. Our users’ faith in us validates this vision,” Durov stated.

In summary, Pavel Durov’s announcement underscores Telegram’s exponential growth and financial stability, with a focus on user-centric values. As Telegram moves towards profitability, we’ll keep you updated on its progress.