NIX Solutions: Telegram Implemented One-Time Listen for Voice Messages

Telegram concluded 2023 with its tenth and final update of the year, introducing several significant improvements and innovations.

Enhanced Calling Experience and Messaging Features

The latest version of Telegram prioritizes call quality by unveiling a vibrant new design and optimizing battery consumption. Alongside these enhancements, a notable feature of messages dissolving upon deletion was introduced. Moreover, this update marks the most extensive overhaul to Telegram’s platform for bot creation, expanding its capabilities significantly.

NIX Solutions

Novel Voice Messaging Functionality

Among the key additions is a one-time listen function for voice messages. Users can activate this feature by pressing and holding the microphone icon, recording their message, swiping up, and selecting the number 1. These voice messages are uniquely identified by a special icon for the recipient, indicating their single-listen nature. Once heard, the message vanishes from the chat for both sender and receiver, labeled as an “expired message.”

NIX Solutions notes that this feature, however, is exclusive to personal conversations and cannot be utilized in group chats or channels. It’s noteworthy that a similar function was previously introduced by WhatsApp, preceding Telegram’s implementation.