NIX Solutions: Telegram Introduced Favorites 2.0

Telegram messenger has recently undergone a transformation, amplifying its Favorites feature to provide users with a more expansive and user-friendly service for managing and accessing saved content.

Users now have the flexibility to choose their preferred mode for navigating Favorites, either through a chat-oriented display or a condensed list of messages. This update also introduces the ability to tag messages, enhancing organization and facilitating efficient content retrieval.

NIX Solutions

View Favorites by Chats:

The new “Show chats” mode enables users to peruse a comprehensive list of personal chats, groups, and channels from which messages were forwarded to Favorites. Additionally, users can prioritize specific chats by pinning them to the top of the list, enhancing accessibility.

Tags in Favorites:

Favorites can now be systematically organized using tags, offering users a quick and convenient way to filter through their saved messages. These tags, represented by emojis, simplify the categorization process. Users with a Telegram Premium subscription can name their tags, adding an extra layer of personalization.

Favorites in General Media:

Each personal chat, group, or channel profile now features a dedicated “Favorites” tab within the Shared Media section. This tab conveniently compiles all messages sent to the user’s “Favorites” chat, streamlining content retrieval. Telegram has also refined the search experience across all chats, facilitating seamless navigation, adds NIX Solutions.

Building on the introduction of one-time voice and video messages in January, as well as the display of precise message viewing times, Telegram continues to enhance its user experience with this comprehensive update.