NIX Solutions: Telegram Messenger Unveils Update 10.9

The developers of Telegram have recently rolled out update 10.9, introducing several noteworthy features for business profiles exclusively available to Telegram Premium subscribers.

Enhanced Welcome Messages

With this update, users now have the capability to include welcome messages tailored for new clients. Furthermore, the flexibility to choose the recipients of these welcome messages is introduced, allowing users to send them to either all personal chats or specifically selected ones. Additionally, users can configure the timing of automatic messages based on the duration since the last communication.

NIX Solutions

Away Status and Automatic Responses

Telegram now enables users to set an “Away” status for times when they are not online. During this period, users can configure automatic responses, specifying a particular timeframe for this feature. The option to create a customized list of recipients for the Out of Office message adds a layer of personalization to this functionality.

Quick Replies Section

A new “Quick Replies” section has been integrated, allowing users to promptly send pre-prepared messages using designated commands. This feature supports text formatting and the inclusion of media files, streamlining communication for business profiles.

Operating Hours Functionality

The “Operating Hours” function allows users to establish specific operating hours for each day of the week or opt for a 24-hour mode, providing flexibility for businesses with varying schedules.

Additional Features for Business Profiles

In the business profiles, users can now input their office address for enhanced visibility. Moreover, for chats within these profiles, the introduction of multi-colored tags facilitates easier navigation through the chat list, adds NIX Solutions.

In conclusion, Telegram’s update 10.9 focuses on optimizing the user experience for Premium subscribers, particularly those utilizing the messenger for business purposes. These new features enhance customization, communication efficiency, and overall functionality.