NIXsolutions: Telegram 9.3 Released

The Telegram team has released the version of the messenger under the number 9.3. It is already available for download for iOS and Android.


The update turned out to be quite large-scale – the messenger received a number of new convenient features. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Spoiler for media files. Now photos, videos and other media can be hidden behind spoilers. You can view the file only by touching it.
  • Save memory. The settings for automatic clearing of the Telegram cache have been expanded: you can select the deletion period, add chats to exceptions, and the cache itself is now divided into categories. The iOS app now calculates the cache size faster, adds iGuides.
  • Photo editor. New tools for editing photos before sending were added: lines are smoothed, their thickness dynamically changes depending on the speed of the finger; a brush appeared for the blur effect, its color can be set more accurately; you can change the size, font, background and alignment of the captions and include emoji from animated sets in them.
  • Avatars. You can assign a photo to a contact only for yourself, offer avatars to the interlocutor. You can hide your avatar from everyone by adding specific users to exceptions; in this case, you can select the second picture for visibility to everyone.

Other innovations:

  • Admins of groups larger than 200 members can now hide their list. The names of group members will be visible only to admins.
  • For Android: it became possible to add timecodes for audio recordings, while the recording itself is divided into blocks.
  • For Android: new loading animations for navigating to a reply far at the top of the chat, as well as for some other elements of the app.
  • Added fullscreen animation for emoji 🎅, 🤪, 🆒, 🗿, 🙊 when sent one at a time without text. The animation is visible to all chat participants.
  • Emoji 🎅, 🤪, 🆒, 🗿, 🙊 are also available as reactions.
  • For Premium: 10 new sets of animated emoji.

NIXsolutions adds that Telegram 9.3 can be installed in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, as well as in the Google Play Store. Updates for other OSes will come later.