NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Christmas Update

Telegram has introduced its latest update, packed with notable enhancements for both channel administrators and users. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Channel Customization and Enhancements

Channel administrators now possess expanded options for personalizing their channels as they progress through levels, gained via subscriber votes or ongoing sweepstakes. This includes altering message title and background colors, as well as the channel cover’s color and logo within their profile settings. Emoji statuses and wallpapers can also be set, enhancing the visual appeal for all channel visitors. Accessing these settings requires navigating to the “Design” section within channel settings, with available options varying based on the channel’s level.

NIX Solutions

Reposting Messages to History

A significant addition allows users to repost messages from channels directly to their history. This feature allows copied messages to be modified, resized, and adorned with diverse design elements. Viewers of these stories can seamlessly navigate back to the original message within the channel, fostering a more interactive experience. All message types, including photos, files, voice, and video messages, can be reposted to personal histories.

Multi-User Premium Subscriptions and Drawing Enhancements

Telegram now permits the gifting of Premium subscriptions to multiple users simultaneously through the “Give Premium” section within messenger settings. Moreover, enhancements to drawing settings include extended periods, custom prize supplements like promotional codes, and the option to display winners publicly, ensuring transparency and fairness in results. Winners are randomly chosen, receiving premium subscription codes, while channel administrators retain the ability to award additional prizes.

Enhanced Story Features

Apart from existing capabilities, administrators gain access to story reactions, while users and channels can now view who has reposted specific stories, notes NIX Solutions. Additionally, the story editor now supports quick background removal from photos added from the device’s gallery, enhancing creative possibilities.