NIX Solutions: Telegram’s Latest Update – Enhanced Features and Functionality

Telegram has rolled out an extensive update, introducing a range of new features aimed at enhancing user experience. From finding similar channels to customizing profiles and improving communication, the update brings several notable changes.

NIX Solutions

1. Discover Similar Channels with Ease

Finding intriguing channels has become more streamlined. Upon joining a channel, users will now encounter a list of similar public channels, automatically curated based on audience intersections. This list is also accessible in a dedicated tab within channel profiles, exclusively displaying public channels for user convenience.

2. Story Reposts and Enhanced Communication

Users can now easily repost stories from friends and preferred channels, allowing for effortless audience expansion with just a few taps. Additionally, history features have been enriched, permitting the addition of text, audio recordings, and even video commentaries.

3. Personalization Options and Premium Benefits

Telegram Premium subscription holders gain access to unique profile color combinations and the ability to set custom wallpapers for individual chats, aiding in easier differentiation and personalization. Moreover, Premium users since 2022 have enjoyed the decoding of voice and video messages, facilitating swift content consumption and translation into multiple languages.

Update Availability and Additional Insights

The latest version is readily accessible to iOS users and those Android users who directly installed the app via However, the update’s availability on Google Play is pending approval from Google moderators.

From this update, all Telegram users can now benefit from decoding up to 2 messages per week by simply tapping the → A button in chats, adds NIX Solutions. Furthermore, channels now feature story statistics, complete with graphs for monitoring audience activity and user reactions via emojis.