NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Launches Proxy Server Support

WhatsApp has added a “Proxy Server” feature to its app. This feature will allow you to use the messenger even if it will be/is already blocked in your region.

NIX Solutions

However, connecting through a proxy server has the same level of privacy and security as a regular connection, and that private messages will still be protected with end-to-end encryption, says Postium.

How to connect and set up a proxy server in WhatsApp

The new option is available in the settings menu for all users with the current version of the application.

To set up a connection through a proxy server, go to the “Data and storage – Proxy server” settings.

When finished, click “Save”. Upon successful connection, you will see a green check mark.

If after that, you still cannot use the messenger, most likely the proxy server is blocked. Delete it and then enter another proxy address.

NIX Solutions reminds that earlier, WhatsApp launched sending messages to itself.