NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Introduces Disappearing Voice Messages

WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature that enables users to send voice messages that vanish after being heard. These disappearing voice messages will be marked with a distinct icon, signaling their one-time access nature. The rollout is scheduled to reach all messenger users in the coming days.

NIX Solutions

How to Send Disappearing Voice Messages on WhatsApp

To send a disappearing voice message, navigate to the desired chat or group and tap the microphone-shaped button. Record your voice message and activate the one-time viewing option. This choice needs to be made each time before sending a voice message if you wish for it to disappear post-listening, notes NIX Solutions.

Working of Vanishing Voices

Here’s what to expect from disappearing voice messages:

  1. Read Receipts: If the recipient has read receipts enabled, you’ll know whether they listened to your message.
  2. Non-Saving Feature: Sent voicemails won’t be saved on the recipient’s device.
  3. Screenshot Prevention: The recipient can’t take screenshots of the one-time listening media file you sent.
  4. Expiry Duration: Disappearing voicemails must be opened within 14 days of sending; otherwise, they vanish from the chat.
  5. No Forwarding: Disappearing messages can’t be forwarded or shared.
  6. Restoration Possibility: If the message wasn’t opened during the backup, a one-time voicemail can be restored from a backup.

The new feature aims to offer enhanced privacy and control over shared media, augmenting the user experience on WhatsApp.