NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Messenger Introduces Customizable Interface Colors

WhatsApp, the widely used messenger app, is set to undergo a significant visual transformation. Reports from WABetaInfo indicate a departure from its iconic corporate green interface, marking a first in the app’s history.


Changes in Latest Beta Version

In the latest beta version ( for iOS, experts at WABetaInfo uncovered a new setting that promises users the ability to tailor the messenger’s appearance according to their preferences. This development marks a departure from the longstanding association of WhatsApp with its distinct “green messenger” identity.

Customization Options and Features

The upcoming update will introduce a dedicated section within WhatsApp settings, offering users a choice of five pre-defined interface design colors curated by developers. Users will be able to personalize menu item highlights, sections at the bottom of the screen, and various other elements with their chosen color scheme. Additionally, there’s speculation that the range of available colors might expand in the future, notes NIX Solutions. 

Release and Accessibility

Presently in the testing phase, this innovative feature is expected to roll out to all users in the following weeks, promising a refreshed and customizable experience for WhatsApp enthusiasts.