NIX Solutions reports: WhatsApp Users Encountered Bugs in the App

Users of the beta version of the world’s most popular messenger WhatsApp are faced with another problem in the application, reports NIX Solutions. This time, the bug is that users disappear from group chats.

Most of the complaints about the incorrect operation of the application fell on Twitter: it was there that users began to massively report a collision with a problem. So, from their words it turns out that many of those who use WhatsApp to communicate in group chats disappeared from there. In this case, if another member of the group sent any message, they came back again.

Some users have reported other problems as well. For example, a user named Futurestic from India stated that he cannot take photos using the messenger for this. Interestingly, the problem is observed only for those who updated the application to versions v2.20.200.7 and v2.20.200.8.

Installing an older version of WhatsApp will help you get rid of the bug.At the moment, representatives of WhatsApp have not provided any comments on the problems encountered.

Earlier in September, it was reported that WhatsApp users started receiving messages from strangers that could block the messenger. If the user tries to open text on the phone, the app will no longer be able to launch until it is reinstalled. These messages contain characters that WhatsApp cannot process.