NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Business to Have Companies Catalog

The WhatsApp team talked about an innovation under development that will help people find companies, exchange messages with them and buy their products directly in the messenger.


The campaign search feature, which allows you to search for campaigns by category (for example, “tourism” or “banking”) or by name, has already been launched in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and the United Kingdom for users of the WhatsApp Business platform. You no longer have to search for phone numbers on the Internet or write them down as contacts, you can contact the business of interest directly in the application, says SearchEngines.

More and more companies are registering on WhatsApp and this brings them closer to users. The latter can get the information they need at any time – get help in opening a bank account, buy a transport ticket or order food.

In order to enable users to securely pay for purchases directly in the chat with a debit or credit card, WhatsApp is working on the First End-to-End Shopping Experience feature, which has been tested in India since August this year. This feature, which allows you to easily and conveniently place orders, will be a revolutionary innovation for people and companies who buy and sell goods on the WhatsApp platform. To do this, you will not need to go to any site, open another application or pay in cash.

“The implementation of these new capabilities reflects our commitment to making WhatsApp the best platform for customer interaction with businesses,” the messenger team said.

NIX Solutions reminds that in early November, WhatsApp began launching communities around the world. In the next few months, this feature will become available to all users.