NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Now Has a Shopping Cart

Facebook continues making WhatsApp a marketplace. Last month, the messenger introduced a shopping button that allows you to browse store catalogs. If you like a product, you can start a dialogue with the seller. Now, there is also a cart for purchases in WhatsApp.

This feature is useful when chatting with companies that offer a wide variety of products, such as restaurants or clothing stores. Now users can browse the catalog, and after selecting products, send an order to the company in one message. It will be easier for companies to track orders, manage requests, and complete sales.

Thanks to this, the user can save several products from the catalog at once. They will be in the cart. All items can be shared with the seller as one set, it reminds a bit sending multiple photos to someone.

So far, WhatsApp does not provide the user with a full-fledged online store service, reports NIX Solutions. But, apparently, payment functions will appear in the application someday.

The cart has already begun to gradually spread to messenger users around the world.