NIXsolutions: Disappearing Media To Appear in WhatsApp Messages

Messenger WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows you to send disappearing photo and video messages, says NIXsolutions.

WhatsApp now has the ability to share disappearing files with other users. Photos and videos can be sent in “single view” mode.


Users can now send disappearing messages to each other. Such messages can be viewed only once, they will not be displayed in the chat preview and they cannot be saved on your device. A timer button has been added to the settings panel to send a disappearing message. After clicking on it, the messages will disappear from the interlocutor, after viewing it. WhatsApp claims that the new feature will help users better control the security of their chat, for example, if they need to send a photo with a password or other sensitive information.

The messenger explained that the “View once” option does not guarantee that the recipient will not take a screenshot or record the screen. The “View once” option will become available for smartphones in the next messenger update.