NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Intergates Telegram and Discord

WhatsApp developers are actively working towards ensuring compliance with the European Union Digital Markets Act (DMA). The latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, as reported by the WABetaInfo portal, reveals the inclusion of a hidden section titled “third-party chats.” This feature aims to facilitate messaging between WhatsApp users and those on platforms like Telegram and Discord.


Interoperability in Accordance with EU DMA

In response to the EU DMA, which mandates interoperability among major messaging platforms, WhatsApp is taking strides to integrate cross-platform communication seamlessly. This move is driven by the objective of sparing users the need to install multiple instant messengers to connect with friends and contacts. The “third-party chats” section in WhatsApp’s beta version serves as an early glimpse into the forthcoming interoperability developments, notes NIX Solutions.

Future Expansion to Popular Messaging Apps

As WhatsApp pioneers interoperability, it sets a precedent for other messaging apps to follow suit. In adherence to the new law, not only WhatsApp but also Telegram, Discord, Viber, and even iMessage are anticipated to introduce similar functionality over time. This strategic alignment with regulatory requirements is likely to redefine the landscape of instant messaging platforms, offering users greater flexibility and convenience.