NIXsolutions: Telegram Update Has 9 New Groups Functions

Telegram’s most recent update brings a game-changing feature to group chats—members can now share stories within the group and archive them as posts on their profiles. This marks a significant evolution in how users engage within groups.

Customization Beyond Limits

Groups now offer unparalleled customization options, allowing members to set unique wallpapers, personalize appearances, and customize group profile details, including color schemes and logos. Dive into a world of personalized group aesthetics.


Premium Privileges for All

Enjoy the perks of being a Telegram Premium subscriber, unlocking features like voice-to-text and personalized emojis. Group members can now access these premium features, enhancing their overall communication experience within the platform.

Boosting Group Dynamics

Groups now have the ability to level up based on boosts and gifts from members. Explore advanced appearance settings, covering elements such as cover color, logos, emoticon status, and wallpapers that add a distinctive touch to your group conversations.

Premium Perks Unveiled

Ascend through group levels to unlock premium features, including the addition of designer emoticon sets and unique custom sets for specific chats. At the sixth level, delve into the convenience of a text transcript for voice messages sent to the group, further enriching your interaction.

Telegram Premium: Boosting Your Experience

A Telegram Premium subscription offers users four boosts, assignable to any group chat or channel, adds NIXsolutions. Receive three additional boosts with each Premium subscription gifted. Stay tuned for the promise of more innovations in future updates, potentially arriving in the eagerly anticipated March release.

In summary, Telegram’s latest update not only transforms group chats with storytelling features and customization but also opens the door to premium experiences for all users. Explore the possibilities and stay tuned for future updates that promise to elevate your Telegram experience even further.